Control suppliers’ banking details instantly and automatically to ensure timely payment and prevent B2B payment fraud.


Deploy an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution by integrating an API between the Trustpair application and the procurement web portal in order to automate the process of creating supplier profiles and checking their banking details..


A 100% automated process with seamlessly secure controls, thus drastically reducing the workload for the operational teams.

ABOUT: LeasePlan is a Dutch-based multinational fleet management company founded in 1963. It is the world leader in the industry.

8,000 employees

2,000 suppliers

32 countries

Head office: Almere, the Netherlands

Sector: operational leasing

Testimonial by Joffrey Tabouret, Head of Treasury and Financing
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RPA: Automating the banking details control process with the Trustpair API

Joffrey Tabouret has been Head of Treasury and Financing at Leaseplan since 2019. He is in charge of operational treasury, cash flow forecasting and financing management. In addition, Mr Tabouret is also responsible for the company’s internal financial control.

The Treasury department has historic links with third party control processes. Indeed, the checks carried out when a supplier is added or modified were previously not systematic and had flaws: no “four-eye” principle or separation of duties. The company soon paid the price and was the target of a fake supplier fraud attempt in 2018. Since then, the company has realized the importance of such controls in ensuring payment security.

“With banking details checks being carried out in a manual and thus fallible way, our approach was no longer tenable. We were under constant risk of fraud, both internally and externally, and we had to take action to increase security.”

Unreliable and unsatisfactory manual controls for operational teams

Following a fraud attempt, Leaseplan France’s Treasury teams implemented manual processes to verify the information of its most important suppliers. However, as they couldn’t assess how reliable the data in their supplier database was, the teams had to make calls and counter-calls to contacts whose details were probably incorrect, meaning it’s impossible to fully trust the accuracy of these checks.

Furthermore, these manual processes are extremely time-consuming, taking almost 1 hour per day for a staff member, and an average of 5 minutes per check.

“Before using Trustpair, every third party check added to the workload, and our exposure to fraud was high. We were never 100% sure we were dealing with the right supplier.”

A project to automate third party control processes for greater security

Drawing up specifications and choosing a suitable digital solution

Following a review of existing processes and the identification of the department’s needs, the first stage of the project aims to deploy a solution for automating banking details checks. The objective is twofold: reducing the workload involved in such checks, and eliminating the risk of B2B payment fraud altogether.


“In order to automate the control processes and make our supplier data more reliable, we were looking for a comprehensive solution that would help us carry out our project in several stages and meet our specifications.”

After a wide-ranging market consultation to learn about existing solutions, Leaseplan France opted for the Trustpair solution, which helped secure not only third party controls but also the entire Procure-to-Pay processes.

Ensuring data control at the international level

Another key point in the specifications relates to the global nature of the project. Carried out within a group operating across all continents, Leaseplan France’s project was expanded to other LeasePlan companies. Indeed, Trustpair’s geographical coverage proved to be a major asset for the Group. In addition to opting for a very agile digital solution, the Group favored a technology capable of evaluating any third party, regardless of their nationality.

“Being able to set up control procedures that can be replicated in all countries is a major added value for Trustpair’s solution.”

Going further with an RPA strategy integrated with digital tools

Implementing an RPA strategy via the Trustpair API

The second stage of the project requires the implementation of an RPA strategy in order to fully automate all processes related to third party controls.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) consists of automating certain procedures using Artificial Intelligence. In other words, a company can set up a robot that operates autonomously and is capable of processing a large volume of data in a very short time.

To make this possible, Leaseplan France uses the Trustpair API, i.e. an algorithm integrated and connected to the company’s own digital tools. The API connects the robot to Trustpair’s application, which automatically verifies third parties.
The objective of this RPA project is to fully automate all operations related to the control of third parties in order to develop a connected and secure digital environment.

“The RPA is a real plus for our teams. It has helped us eliminate the risk of external and internal fraud. We are very confident about the future.”

A project deployed quickly and in collaboration with all the teams involved

With the support of a technical project manager based in Romania and the Treasury teams located in France, Trustpair supported Leaseplan France in the implementation of its RPA project. In just two months, the RPA was up and running, and today, all processes are 100% operational.


“Trustpair’s sales and technical teams were incredibly helpful. The API was deployed in just a few days, without any issue!”

RPA: A project to automate third party controls on an international level

With Trustpair’s technology, Leaseplan France can now rely on a fully automated and functional banking details control process. Future project stages are already on the agenda, with the aim of replicating the RPA strategy developed in France throughout the Group.

Indeed, Leaseplan France plans to deploy the Trustpair solution internationally so that it becomes a common digital solution throughout the Group, guaranteeing secure payments for the company’s operation on a global scale.

RPA’s benefits for Finance teams

Reducing the operational workload

Using an RPA solution via the Trustpair API allows Leaseplan France to carry out every check automatically and very quickly, freeing up valuable time for its operational teams. As manual entries into the system are now impossible, this solution has also eliminated the need for “four-eye” checks, saving a considerable amount of time.

“There was no reluctance whatsoever from the Treasury department, and delegating these tasks to our robot has significantly reduced our teams’ workload, which is a real benefit.”

Securing processes and eliminating the risk of fraud

In addition to saving time, the teams can be reassured that the tasks performed by the RPA effectively protect the company from the risk of fraud, while ensuring high-quality, seamless and secure controls.


“With Trustpair, we are able to automatically and quickly check our suppliers’ data, and ensure the security of this information in the long run.”

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